Recent Works

Trees That Walk

“Trees That Walk/Alberi che Camminano” (coming soon), a documentary film written by Erri De Luca and directed by Mattia Colombo. The documentary explores the relationship between man and nature by following the many transformations of wood from raw material to finished product. Please take a look at Find more at:  

A Musical Imprinting

“A Musical Impriting/La Musica Provata” (coming soon), a film based on “La musica provata” by Erri De Luca with music and interpretations by Nicky Nicolai, Isa Danieli, Stefano Di Battista, Gian Maria Testa, Gabriele Mirabassi, Erri De Luca. Directed by Emanuele Sana. It’s the story of someone, Erri De Luca, who has given weight to both […]

Blog Post

What the Press says about The Nightshift Belongs to the Stars

What the Press says about The Nightshift Belongs to the Stars. (Edoardo Ponti. 2012. Italy. 23 min.) Senior film critic Kurt Brokaw offers critic’s choices on the shorts program at Tribeca 2013. Think of it: More than 2,800 shorts were submitted to the 12th Tribeca Film Festival. Sixty made the cut. This one had more […]

Erri De Luca for our French friends

Erri De Luca, deux voix pour un même crime. LE FIGARO “Se peut-il que l’adolescent italien de Tu, mio (1998), transformé par sa rencontre avec la mystérieuse Caia, un été des années 1950, sur une île de pêcheurs, soit devenu le narrateur du Tort du ­soldat (2012), le vingt-troisième ­livre traduit d’Erri De Luca? On ne peut pas écarter […]

Erri De Luca Foundation

Since its inception, OH!PEN Italia has nurtured a unique partnership with the Erri De Luca Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes the philosophy of best-selling Italian author and poet Erri De Luca. We take pride in sharing and divulging the Foundation’s goals of social awareness and solidarity by collaborating on a wide range of projects.

Please visit the Foundation’s website at for more information.

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